“As a parent, I am terrified I am going to be out with my baby and not have my wipes”

Busy people lead busy lives. At Kipit, we believe that you should have what you need when you need it. That's why we have built a product that constantly checks what's in your bag and reminds you if you are about to leave anything behind. 

— V.S.

“I'm always panicking that I don't have my passport - I check my bag 4 or 5 times for it before I've even checked into my flight.”

Leaving something behind can be a real snag that can derail your whole day. With Kipit you can constantly check what is in your bag directly from your phone, meaning that you can rest easy and not spend ages rooting around in your bag.  

— C.H.

Started by a group of passionate if forgetful people on the campus of Cornell Tech, Kipit is dedicated to ensuring you feel prepared for your day, not just running to catch up. That means helping you remember your things before they are even forgotten. 

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